Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Burkina Faso

I want to get some more pictures up before we leave Burkina Faso. Older readers may remember that this country used to be called Upper Volta. The name was changed in 1984 and Burkina Faso means, "Land of the Dignified People". We saw some good geology today and you'll see those pictures at the end of the post.

We went to a small village near the border with Ghana called Tiebele. It was a 2 hour drive by bus. Here is a sequence of photos showing the progress on painting the wall of this house.

Yep - they are singing while they apply the paint.

Now the design is painted over the brown color

It begins to look good!

This was my final shot of the house painting - had to see the rest of the village.

Children coming to see the strange-looking visitors

A woman cooks roots to make red dye

And poses for a picture. The village is real and is famous in this country but the house painting is now performed for visitors, of which there are not many.

A baobab tree in the village:

The people are friendly, quite to smile, and ever so poor by our standards. Yet they seem to be pleased with their lives.

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