Sunday, February 21, 2010

Us Route 89 Geology Stories

I've been writing many geology stories for a fantastic web site that is the vision of two friends, Jim and Barbara Cowlin. They are heading up a US Highway 89 Appreciation Society and do great work and are passionate about driving on "slow roads." Check out some of my contributions to the site at the following links. Please consider becoming a member of the Society. Dues are only $5.00 and it really helps Jim and Barbara keep this wonderful resource. And if you have any contributions of stories or photographs to the web site, please include them!

General Outline of the Geology of US Highway 89

A Scenic View on the Navajo Indian Reservation

The Rocky Mountains

The Colorado Plateau

The Basin and Range

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau - An Exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona and a New Grand Canyon National Park Podcast

You've read "Ancient Landscapes" the book. Now see Ron Blakey's paleogeographic maps come alive in a new exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona. The exhibit opened on January 10 and will run through Labor Day and possibly longer. You can see an article about the the exhibit and the opening that ran in our local newspaper. Also, one of the Grand Canyon National Park rangers, Patrick Gammons, posted a podcast on the Park's official web page of a tour he made with me of the exhibit panels. Listen to Patrick's webisode here.

The exhibit contains 33 panels that highlight the many landscapes that once existed here. I've included a few pictures of some of the panels and although you will not be able to read the text here on the web, you can get a sense of the colorful nature of the exhibit. The next time you are in Flagstaff, stop by the Museum of Northern Arizona and see "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau".