Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Flagstaff Blizzard - December, 2009

December 8 Headline

Sunrise December 8 on Cherry Ave.

My car

My truck

I did shovel too!

816 W. Cherry Ave.

West Cherry Avenue


Blue Sky - but another one is on the way

December 9 Headline


  1. You and Helen have a cute place Wayne, even buried in snow. We got high winds Sun night and less than an inch of snow. But it's stayed cold enough to stay on the ground. Glad you helped with the shoveling. ;-)

  2. Your photos made me homesick for my 12 years in Flagstaff. Of course, it looks beautiful in the photos, but I also remember the shoveling, the cold, the car sliding on streets, frantic about making it to work on time and in one piece!

    I lived in Flag from 1972-1984. Somewhere in there was a year of record snowfall. Not sure if it's still a record or not. It must have been around 1973. Guess that dates me.

    Jim & I were planning on our annual Christmas tree cutting outing on Monday & Tuesday, but alas, we were foiled by the blizzard.

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  5. Brrr!! Looked like a good one Wayne. Hope some of the white fluffy stuff is still around when we get there in a couple of weeks...would love to see The Canyon with snow on it's rims! Thx for posting.

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  7. Hey Wayne,

    I was on your MNA GC rim-rim trip a few years back when a certain meditative personality forgot to make sure her hiking shoes were in the shuttle.

    'Fraid I can't sympathize too much since up here in Tahoe Donner (the Donner Party camped outside the development entrance) I just got 3 feet in front, 5 feet on my wind-loaded back deck, and, on average, another 27 feet to come before spring....

    John Reece

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