Sunday, February 21, 2010

Us Route 89 Geology Stories

I've been writing many geology stories for a fantastic web site that is the vision of two friends, Jim and Barbara Cowlin. They are heading up a US Highway 89 Appreciation Society and do great work and are passionate about driving on "slow roads." Check out some of my contributions to the site at the following links. Please consider becoming a member of the Society. Dues are only $5.00 and it really helps Jim and Barbara keep this wonderful resource. And if you have any contributions of stories or photographs to the web site, please include them!

General Outline of the Geology of US Highway 89

A Scenic View on the Navajo Indian Reservation

The Rocky Mountains

The Colorado Plateau

The Basin and Range


  1. Glad to find this site as I live, work and play along Hwy 89. I may even have a story or two to share.

  2. Great writing,website and highway...thx for sharing.


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