Thursday, March 04, 2010

2010 Viola Award Nomination

Imagine my surprise and delight at being named one of eight nominees for a Viola Award here in Flagstaff. I received the e-mail notification about 4 weeks ago and the presentation of the winners will be made tonight at a gala event at the Radisson Hotel (well, as gala as it ever gets in Flagstaff).

The Viola Awards were begun last year as a tribute to one of Flagstaff's biggest patrons of the arts, Viola Babbitt. YOu can read about the history of the awards here.

THis years nominees are listed here. No matter the outcome, the nomination is a wonderful surprise and I honor all fiends and others who received a nomination also.

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James Cowlin said...

Congratulations, Wayne.
For fans of Wayne's writing, here is his introduction to the next issue of the US Route 89 magazine, National Parks & Monuments. This is a downloadable pdf file from the US Route 89 Appreciation Society. Click here: