Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bobo Dioulosso Mosque and Market

The next day we got to fly in the jet one hour to the southwest. We landed in Bobo Diolousso to see the interesting mosque, built in 1888.

Exterior with wood slats to help with adobe maintenance

Adobe is really a big business here. We saw many areas along the road where the bricks are made.

On the roof of the mosque 

Street scene in Bobo

Street scene

Bobo vegetable market - one of the most colorful and lively I've been to. This woman was obviously pleased at the selection of tomatoes, possibly walked to the market from up to five miles away on the sellers head.

Faux jewelry

Okra and very hot yellow peppers

Anything canbe bought here, even fine grassi

Full moon over Wah-gah-du-goo! Photo taken just after nightfall at the Ouagadougou Airport on January 15. I will next blog about the fabulous rocks seen at Fabedougou.

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