Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am aware the geology has been "light" in these postings but we are going to Iguazu Falls this afternoon and then to the Central American volcano's after that. There will be more geology then. For now, enjoy these photo's from one of my favorite cities, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is a shot from 37,000 feet down to the Valdez Peninsula, along Argentina's east coast. There is much wildlife here including the Southern Right Whale and many seals. I traveled overland on this peninsula in the 1990's.

These are the famous Argentinian Pampas, a large area of flat land well positioned latitudinaly for agriculture (read, cattle raising and beef)

The image of Eva Peron is everywhere in Buenos Aires. She is both revered and despised, depending on what part of the economy you belong to. She was a champion of those who otherwise had no voice in government or society. On this trip, I have been struck by how often this theme comes up everywhere we go. It is a story of the "haves" and the "have nots".

A view of the cathedral in Buenos Aires

This of course is where Pope Francis served before going to the Vatican

On the Plaza de Mayo in central Buenos Aires

One of the European cities in South America

La Boca is a lively and colorful district here

More La Boca

Mural of the tango

Hats for sale in the flea market, called the American market here

We went to an estancia and we're give a show by the gauchos

Riders race about the length of a football field with silver pins and attempt to pierce a small ring

My camera captured the only successful attempt by the most experienced gaucho 


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  1. I know that I speak for your many "followers" in saying that the vivid photos and colorful descriptions from your expedition have been tremendous. Thank you! Jack


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