Monday, January 06, 2014

Africa and South America - The Journey Begins January 8

This Wednesday, January 8, I will begin a 24-day Private Jet Adventure with TCS & Starquest Expeditions called Cape to Cape. This will be an epic journey to two continents and nine countries along the Atlantic Rim. You can peruse the whole itinerary here.

It will be my pleasure once again to travel with Dr. David Keeling of Western Kentucky University, who will be my lecture colleague and speaking about geography and geopolitics.  David and I shared lectures duties last year on the Around the World itinerary. The Expedition Leader will be Eszter Foldvary, whom I first met many years ago when I used to sail to Antarctica with Society Expeditions. Bios for the whole team can be viewed here.

On this journey, Managua Nicaragua will be a new stop for me. It should be exciting as we will visit the ever-active Masaya Volcano located 30 minutes south of the capital. However, I will be returning to many of my all-time favorite destinations including, Cape Town, South Africa, coastal Namibia, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and the Beagle Channel near Tierra del Fuego. We may even make a fuel stop in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the volcanic wonderland of Acension Island. This is an awesome itinerary worthy of excitement!

Be sure to tune-in to Earthly Musings regularly during the month of January, as I will be posting photos, videos, and commentary from all of these locations. Thanks for reading.

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