Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Big News From Nepal Is.......

Some of you may have heard already. Many obviously have not. But while standing beneath Mt. Everest at an elevation of 18,500 feet, Helen and I became engaged! Here is a picture of us just moments after we agreed to spend our lives together. That's the summit of Mt. Everest in the background (the smaller looking mountain just above our heads - the larger mountain is closer and is called Nuptse). We are standing near the small settlement of Gorak Shep, and have just descended from Kala Patar. This is not too far from the Everest Base Camp. You can see we had a beautiful day for this.

We are both very happy and appreciate all of of our loving friends and family! We want all of you to know!

Wayne and Helen


  1. Dear Wayne and Helen,
    What absolutely wonderful news! You are so fortunate to have shared this phenomenal experience of the trek and then to come home with a very special memory and commitment to each other. Not many women will be able to boast of such an exciting proposal location.
    Grow old together in good health.

    gail jensen(...and we thought the R2R was tough!)

  2. Congratulations Wayne and Helen! What a memory! I am really happy for you both and may your life together be continuously blessed with joy and unconditional love.

    Pat Miller

  3. We are so happy for the two of you! Congratulations!

  4. Yey!! So I hope there will be a wedding where we get to see Wayne in a tux again. Congrats you two!
    luv ya!
    ~ Kathleen & Curtis

  5. Wow! Congratulations Wayne and Helen!
    What an auspicious place for such a commitment. I think you guys were made for each other and am happy to hear the news.
    I'm glad to hear the trip went so well too.
    Very cool, Thanks for the great update,

  6. Helen and Wayne,
    What fantastic news! You make a wonderful couple! I'm so happy for you two. Glad you had a safe trip. Sounds very exciting! A trip that you won't forget.
    Love, Kim and Brian

  7. Dear Wayne and Helen,
    Congratulations on your engagment. I was pleased and exited to know that you have made that kind of commitment. As your favorite clergyman!! (how presumptuous of me), I ask for the Creator's blessing on you both and for many happy years together in the future. See you for sure next May.

    Michael and Valerie Cole, Greg, Charles, Ruth, Rachel, Kevin - your 'rim to rim' students

  8. Congrats, altho we do not know Helen. Now that you know my connection w/Mari (Carlos) she wanted to keep it a surprise, she thinks i know more about your high school days than I actually do :)) Anyway, sorry we did not make it to the reunion, it was just too soon. Ryan (our son) still wants to hook up for a river trip) Have a beautiful life together and in Mark's words "Enjoy the Ride"
    Jerilyn Bartulis


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