Saturday, October 20, 2007

October 21 - Leaving Kathmandu

Well, after 23 days Helen and I will be flying out of Kathmandu today. It has been an incredible jountrney! Trekking in the highest mountains in the world, seeing the very strange sights in Kathmandu, and just exposing ourselves to very different cultures and things. We look forward to returning home and sharing many of our wonderful stories. Some of the things we will remember the most are lines of yaks carrying heavy gear to the high country (yaks are cattle-like animals but serve as beasts of burden here in the Nepalese high country), little porters who weigh only 120 pounds carrying up to 230 pounds of green lumber up very steep, rough trails, endless meals with potatoes, the unbelievable scale of the mountain scenery, and the kindness of the Nepalese people! It seems that in the mountains we were always on guard for runaway trains of clumsy yaks, here in the city of Kathmandu we are on the lookout for the never-ending streams of horn-blaring cars and motorcycles. Look back to this site in a few days after we return home for some pictures that will be added to each days blog.

We do appreciate the comments from those who have written to us. It gives us a sense of home in a place so far away! Wayne will be on another adventure "Around the World by Private Jet" starting on October 26. Look here for blogs from that trip as well!

Love to everyone, Namaste, Wayne and Helen!

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