Friday, October 19, 2007

October 10 - Moving Higher to Gorak Shep

Today was to be the day for our ascent of Kala Patar but we all felt as if we weren't ready to ascend that quickly. So our guides offered us an option to move camp to Gorak Shep, 3 miles away and only 600 feet higher. It sounded like a good idea and we did it. We were now in country that had been glaciated quite recently. Everywhere was loose rock and sand without a hint of lichen growth. Perhaps some of these areas were glaciated in our life times, such is the extent of glacail retreat in these valleys. Gorak Shep is the last place where lodges and camps are located - the next place is Everest Base Camp! We were now camping above 17,000 feet!

Clouds played above us and occasionally parted so that we could see Everest. Kala Patar looked ominous with it's two steep trails. Three members of our party made it to the top that afternoon. I was feeling pretty bad today and could only hold on by laying low in camp. I felt as if I would have to miss the attempt on the mountain tomorrow morning because I just felt horrible. It did not concern me too much. I was happy to have mad eit this far and to see such wonderful mountain country. We were in bed by 7:30 PM

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