Friday, October 19, 2007

October 6 - We Lose Three Folks to Our Trek

Over night, three in our group began to feel the effects of the altitude and became too sick to continue. We were of course, very saddened to lose them but everyone trook the parting stoically, knowing the risks of high altitude endeavors. We had the luxury of having 23 Nepalese porters and guides in our group so two of them were left to escort the three back to Namche. THe rest of us, now numbering 16, climbed up to the interesting village of Phortse. Another great mani wall was here as well of a view of the surrounding terrain. The trail to our next camp at Pangboche was wild beyond description! Only a few feet wide in some locations, it still spilled almost 1,500 feet straight down to the river. It was spectacular. We arrived in Pangboche well enough but more of the stomach sickness may be going around.

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