Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Radio Interview with KVNF - Colorado Public Radio

At the Great Unconformity in Blacktail Canyon, Grand Canyon
I had the honor recently to sit down with JT Thomas of Colorado Public Radio and its local affiliate KVNF, which broadcasts to a wide area on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains (Paonia, Ridgway, Montrose, Ouray, Lake City and the Grand Valley). JT is a nimble and accomplished interviewer and this was one of the most satisfying I have conducted.

You can list to the full interview here. Thanks to JT, Ridgway, and Brad Wallis who facilitated this interview and my lecture there in June.

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  1. Twenty-seven minutes and forty-six seconds of pure geological inspiration! Well done! P.S. That photo I took back in 2007 is getting a lot of mileage.


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