Monday, December 01, 2014

Earthquake Last night in Oak Creek Canyon

From USGS web site
A moderate 4.7 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in Oak Creek Canyon woke me up here in Flagstaff just a few minutes before 11 PM last night. Woken from a moderate sleep, at first I knew it was an earthquake - but then passed it off as a dream and went back to sleep. It seemed to have a jolt followed by about 3 seconds of shaking that gradually diminished.

The news coverage has been good this morning. The earthquake summary can be found here on the USGS web site: Looks like the focus was at a depth of just over 6 miles (an earthquake focus is the exact place within the earth where the crust broke to create the quake). The epicenter (defined as the place on the surface directly above the focus) was located seven miles north of Sedona and just east of the Butterfly Garden Resort in the canyon. A preliminary view of the epicenter suggests this quake likely occurred along the Oak Creek Canyon fault.

Epicenter of quake labeled as #1 on this image courtesy of John Parsons
The satellite image above shows Oak Creek Canyon and the epicenter labeled as #1. The red 2 is Junipine Resort, 3 is the AB Young Trail, and 4 is the Butterfly Garden Inn (the former Don Hoel Cabins).

Twitter carried a picture of rocks and trees on Highway 89A that were let loose during the shaking.

I will make updates as they become available.

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