Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Stuck in Kathmandu!

No, not the Bob Seger song. We really are delayed here in the capital city of Nepal. Our charter flight to Bhutan was delayed getting out of the country so we are delayed about five hours. This is the very first "hiccup" we've had all trip - it has been seamless the whole way. But there is nothing we c an do about it. We've been moved to the executive lounge while we wait. We need to take a charter flight to Bhutan because only 8 pilots in the world are certified to land at the Paro Airport. You have to read this Wiki description of where we are headed! A video of a landing in Paro is linked here.

Anyway, the airport here looks much the same as when I did the Everest trek in 2007. To those of you new to my blog I add some links to those posts from October, 2007 here. Go to the bottom of this link first and read up!

It's time to go!! Off to Bhutan.

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