Monday, March 19, 2012

Morning in Flagstaff

The big news this morning is the snow! I figure we're pretty close to 22 inches total here at 255. Another 1- to 12 inches fell after we shoveled yesterday and got the driveway cleared. We're headed back out this morning to do that next 12 inches. But the sun is peeking through the remnants of this awesome storm.

The San Francisco Peaks are out there somewhere

The snow began as rain so the lower layers are wet and slushy. Later snow is quite powdery.

It's a blanket everywhere

It flocks the trees in huge clumps

The project this morning is to get the driveway cleared so Helen can go to work. NAU cancelled classes on Saturday before one flake fell. Unprecedented to my knowledge.

Sunshine is on the way as well as above normal temperatures the rest of the week. Such is the history of a late winter storm.

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  1. Sure different than your most recent adventures. We only got about 8".


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