Monday, March 12, 2012

More Jodhpur India

After an unseasonable cold night in the Manvar tents, we were awakened by a melodic sound. Later in the day, we would return to Jodhpur, see the Mehrangarh Fort, and check in to what would be the most elegant ans spectacular hotel on the whole trip. That is saying a lot considering the very special places we have be privileged to stay.

Sunrise on March 9 at the Manvar camp in Rajasthan

Sweet music make a round to each tent, where waiters bring hot water, and tea or coffee to your tent

A great way to start the day

Driving through the Rajasthani desert on our way back to Jodhpur. The dunes have been stabilized with trees growing on them.

India is a colorful colorful country with many roadside markets. We stopped at this one to have a look.

Wooden, hand-made pitchforks

An impromptu street dance for our group

The people are quick to smile and seemed to enjoy seeing our group

The area near Balesar is a huge flagstone quarrying area. Immense quantities of sandstone are mined here and come from the Bundi Hill Formation, which is part of the Bhander Group and the Vindhyan Supergroup. For a technical article on the age of this supergroup, see here.

Slabs awaiting transport all over southern Asia

After arrival in Jodhpur, we toured the Mehrangarh Fort located on top of a hill in the city. See the link above to know more of the history of this maharaja palace, which stands as a beacon in the "blue city".

How Jodhpur got its name. This is the old quarter located beneath the palace. We were told that blue is the cheapest color of paint and that is why people use it.

The palace is truly impressive as a structure on the hill

An inner courtyard of the palace

This is where the maharaja would receive guests

From the palace, we could see another imposing structure which believe it or not, would be our hotel for the night

This is the entrance to the Umaid Bhawar Palace. To say that this is a luxury hotel would not give a clear impression of its size and beauty.

Morning light on the front fa├žade of the Umaid Bhawar Palace

One of the many courtyards that leads to the rooms

I took a few pictures of the rotunda inside. This building could easily be a capital building in most states in the US

Wow! Picture can do this place no justice

Breakfast on the veranda

Replete with music and a peacock. On leaving Jodhpur, we were sorry to see this place in our rear view mirror. This posting is from one 24-hour period on our trip. From the tent camp at Manvar with morning tea delivered, to roadside markets, to two palaces, this was a great stop.

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