Monday, September 20, 2021

Five Suggestions for Books on the Geology of the American Southwest and Colorado Plateau

I was recently contacted by Shepherd, a web-based company that helps promote the books of authors in certain subjects, who then list five books that the authors recommend to learn more about their subject. I chose the subject - Geology and Landscapes of the American Southwest and Colorado Plateau.

You can access the home page to my featured book and my five recommendations here. The title Shepherd features from my portfolio of books is "Carving Grand Canyon."

And the five books I recommend to those who want to dive into the geology and landscapes of the American Southwest and Colorado Plateau are:

Hiking the Grand Canyon's Geology by Lon Abbott and Teri Cook

Volcanoes of Northern Arizona by Wendell Duffield

Desert Heat, Volcanic Fire by David Kring

Geology of the Canyons of the San Juan River by Donald Baars

Geology of the American Southwest by W. Scott Baldridge

All of these books will bring you along in your discovery of the amazing geology here. Please check out the page at the link above or here.


  1. I absolutely agree with including Baldridge's Geology of the American Southwest. You probably want a bit of background geology of the region, but he does a great job of tying everything together. For the visual learner, the paleogeography in Blakey & Ranney's Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau is another great regional synthesis.

  2. Anonymous - They would not allow us to include any of our own books in the five recommendations. Otherwise, I would have included "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau." Thanks for the shout out on it!


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