Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Facebook Live Session on Grand Canyon Geology!

Do you like the Grand Canyon? Do you have an interest in geology and Earth history? Or perhaps you are just looking for something to do during a global pandemic? If so, you may want to tune in to a Facebook Live session I will be presenting on Thursday, April 9.

The session will be conducted at 9 AM Arizona time (which is also 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time); 10 AM Mountain time; 11 AM Central time; and 12 Noon Eastern Time. (Coincidentally, it gives me great joy to list the Mountain and Pacific times first!). 

You can learn more about this event here:

Please note: If you cannot attend the live session, it will be recorded and available for viewing at a later time!

The session will be hosted by the blog site, Learning Geology created and administered by Muhammed Qasim Mahmood, an Earth scientist living in  Lahore, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Learning Geology is a science website and a community of Earth scientists [that] share geology lessons and host Live Virtual Field Tours.

As you begin to tune into the session, you can invite others to attend and please do so! I will begin by giving a short introduction to Grand Canyon's rocks and its development. Viewers will then be able to submit written questions right on the site. This live session will last no more than 45 minutes to one hour in length. And if I am unable to answer your questions while Live, I can answer them in written form right on the site. The questions and answers will also be viewable at a later time.

The times again are:

9 AM - Arizona and Pacific Daylight Time
10 AM - Mountain Daylight Time
11 AM - Central Daylight Time
12 noon - Eastern Daylight Time
6 PM - Central European Daylight Time
9 PM - Pakistan Standard Time
2 AM - Australia Eastern Standard Time
4 AM - New Zealand Standard Time
6 AM - Hawaii Standard Time

Join us for what is certainly going to be a fascinating discussion of the geology of Earth's most magnificent gorge!

Although Grand Canyon National Park is closed during the pandemic, we will be discussing its fascinating geology on Facebook Live! Thursday, April 9 at 9 AM Arizona and Pacific time. 

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