Monday, October 29, 2018

A New Sonoran Desert Regional Park

This past weekend I went hiking in a new regional park near the city of Buckeye, Arizona. You can see the web page for the park here. This is the southern edge of the White Tank Mountains, one of the many metamorphic core complexes in the state. The Salt River Valley has received 5 inches of rain in the last month and so the saguaro's are fat, the ocotillo's are green and the desert is alive! No captions this time - just enjoy the warm desert view. As you look at the map below, the photos were taken on the Turnbuckle Trail, with the color green on the map.


  1. Cool. The access road also cuts across an active alluvial fan with the apex just to the west of the road and south of the parking area.

  2. Thanks, Wayne. Always good to learn of a new place to hike and camp.

  3. I was surprised by the green ocotillo near Bell Rock in early November. The season seemed out of step. Now I "get" it. Thanks


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