Monday, April 03, 2017

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Honors "Carving Grand Canyon" with the 2016 Geosciences in the Media Award

I was honored this past November to receive the Geosciences in the Media Award from the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists for my book, "Carving Grand Canyon." I am honored to have this book recognized. First published in 2005 by the Grand Canyon Association, it was re-released in a 2nd edition in 2012. The book highlights the history of thought on how and when the Grand Canyon may have formed and details all of the current theories. You can read reviews on Amazon of the book here.

All of the past awardees for this honor can be found at this link. In 2014 another one of my books co-authored with Dr. Ron Blakey won the same award - "Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau."  Reviews on can be seen here.

Thanks to everyone who reads and shares my books. Geology rocks!


  1. Congratulations Wayne!

    It certainly is THE book on the subject

  2. OH! . . . YOU ROCK!

  3. Congratulations, Wayne! Your recognition comes as no surprise and is Well deserved (as we all know).


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