Sunday, April 16, 2017

Landslide in Alaska's Taan Fjord

Ground view of the landslide scar in Taan Fjord.

In October, 2015, the land gave way in a remote Alaskan fjord letting loose 200 million tons of rock. When the rock entered the sea, it sent a wave 600 feet high up onto the other side. No one saw it, except those monitoring a seismograph at Columbia University in New York. You can read an article about the event here.

Note the landslide scar at the head or the fjord to the left of the glacier.


  1. Hi Wayne,

    I am writing to request permission to reproduce your photograph of the Taan Fjord landslide from the ground in an article on kayaking Icy Bay in Issue Eleven of Senior Hiker Magazine. The story covers the landslide, which occurred 4 months following the author's trip in the bay. Your photo would be used once in a printed form. Please let me know. Thank you, Lisa Schoonmaker, Editor and Publisher, Senior Hiker Magazine.

  2. Lisa:

    I do not think that photo belongs to me. I think I got it off of the web. Sorry. WR


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