Thursday, June 11, 2015

Around the World Jet Trip Begins

The next adventure begins! On June 8 I flew to Seattle to meet a group of 78 travelers who will embark on an Around the World excursion by Private Jet. The itinerary for this adventure can be seen here. Follow along with me as we visit Kyoto Japan, the Gobi Desert Mongolia, Lake Baikal and Moscow Russia, the Svalbard Archipelago Norway, Iceland, and Greenland. Most stops will have geological themes that I will highlight. Enjoy!

(Note: These first photos were taken with my iPhone and are not the quality that will be will shared later in the trip).

Leaving PHX on June 8, I got some great views of the eastern Grand Canyon

We flew right over Grand Canyon Village and somewhere down there is the lovely and talented Helen Ranney, who was sitting in a classroom learning First Aid. Hi Helen! You can see Yaki Point in the far upper right where the Kaibab Trail descends along the Yaki ridge. Shadows in the lower left cover Maricopa and Hopi points, while Mojave Point is visible in the extreme lower left.

Bright Angel Canyon is clearly visible running from upper left to lower right. Above the canyon (top center) you can see the white top of Deva, Brahma, and Zoroaster temples. WooHoo! The whitish nubbins on the far left from bottom to top are Isis Temple, Buddha Temple, Manu Temple and Oza Butte. Wow!

This view clearly shows the Walhalla Plateau (top green) and the buttes mentioned in the previous slide. The Palisades of the Desert are visible in the upper right and Marble Canyon in the upper left.

Cedar Breaks in Utah is carved in the Eocene (about 45 Ma) Claron Formation, most famous for its exposures in Bryce Canyon.

The Columbia River forms the state line between Oregon and Washington with center pivot irrigation clearly seen. Pendleton Oregon sits in the center of the photograph.

The trip originates in Seattle

The hotel was just around the corner from Pike Place Market, a lively and quite colorful part of the city

Flower stall

Neon sign

I'll be giving lectures and accompanying guests on this trip along with my fellow lecturer, Joe Snyder (left), a former State Department official, and Expedition Leader Richard Butler (center). Looks to be a great trip with fantastic people and stops!

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