Sunday, April 05, 2015

Cape Horn, Wulaia Bay and Punta Arenas Chile

Better late than never, right! Here a re few pictures from my latest Smithsonian Journey's trip which included a 4-day cruise from Cape Horn to Punta Arenas.

Full moon setting over Cape Horn

A view of Cape Horn - the southernmost piece of land in the America's (note that this view shows land that protrudes to the east - there is actually other land around the corner that is a bit farther south).

Part of the Wollaston Archipelago which includes Cape Horn Island

This is a view of Wulaia Bay and the abandoned meteorological station

This plaque adorns the entrance to the meteorologic station. Charles Darwin landed here in this bap on January 23, 1833. Many of our passengers were thrilled to learn of this and I in turn was thrilled at their joy in it.

Looking out from Wulaia Bay toward Isla Hoste

This is actually a pretty nice day for this part of the world. There was no rain and the visibility was decent.

Our ship, the Stella Australis can be seen within the bay

The next day we traveled to the northwest side of Tierra del Fuego Island. The mountains and glaciers were spectacular.

This is the Aguila Glacier in Agostini Fjord

This photo was taken from the ship but shows the beach we landed on and hiked across to the foot of the glacier

Coming ashore by Zodiac

The sun poked through for a moment while on the beach, highlighting the rugged nature of this island

This is most of the folks in our group at the glacier

Low tide in Agostini Sound

Glacier reflected

Fantastic rocks, formed when an oceanic slab was subducted beneath South America

Loading the Zodiac boats

The Stella Australis in the Straight of Magellan

Gull on Magdalena Island

A different gull on Magdalena Island

Full moon setting over the lighthouse on Magdalena Island

The Straight of Magellan was filled with ice during the last Ice Age and Magdalena Island was shaped a this time. Note the erratic boulder on the beach on the distance.

Colorful Punta Arenas along the Straight of Magellan

Another view of Punta Arenas. From here we would travel to Torres del Paine National Park. See my next posting for pictures of that landscape.

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  1. This is a very great blog on what you guys seen down in Chile. I love all of the pictures.


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