Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Interactive Natural Hazards Map of Arizona

This interactive map is really fun. It is produced by the Arizona Geological Survey, the Arizona Division of Emergency Management, Arizona Emergency Information Network, and FEMA. It shows the locations of various natural hazards within the state such as active faults, earthquake epicenters, flood risks, fire hazards, and earth fissure locations. Here is the link for the map.

When you click on the link, it will bring up an ordinary map that, like other online maps, allows you to zoom in or out. The zoom button is located in the upper left of the map (not shown). Then in the upper right (also not shown) are tabs to bring up the various hazards.

Here is the map for earthquake epicenters. On this map you can also add or subtract earthquakes by magnitude. So if you only want to see the big ones, you can "turn off" the smaller quakes.

Here is the fire hazard map for Arizona. Zooming in on this is real interesting to see where the trouble areas might be around the Mogollon Rim and Flagstaff.

Here is the flood hazard map for the state. But if you zoom in real close..... can see how detailed the maps are. This one centers on the Phoenix area in central Arizona. Note that even normally dry washes are shown.

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  1. This is great, Wayne! I was able to go in and check for our new place and see that we are very well placed for all the hazards--for once in our life! :) After nearly losing our house to the Hochderffer Fire in '96 (our neighbors lost theirs), and then another fire came very close to us in Tonto Basin in 2005. And then we had to deal with the flood plain as it nearly flooded as out during a particularly wet spring! We are ready to be as far away from as many hazards as we possibly can. Great map and resource.


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