Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Earthly Musings Listed On Geology Web Site

Earthly Musings has been selected to be listed on a new online resource that will help geology students and prospective students stay abreast of new trends in the geological sciences. This is the notice I received from Sandra Harris, junior editor at

"I'm thrilled to let you know that we've published an article entitled Geology Online: 105 Websites That Rock on Wayne Ranney's Geology Blog known as Earthly Musings is featured on it. 

Geology can be an endlessly exciting and rewarding field to work in. By publishing this list of sites covering all angles of geology, hydrology, and even volcanology, we hope to encourage our readers to seriously consider higher education and eventually careers in the geosciences."

The entire list of 105 web sites can be viewed here. There will be many listed sites that regular geoblog readers will be familiar with, such as Highly Allochthonous, GeoTripper, and Written in Stone- Seem Through My Lens. Happy reading!

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