Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Grand Canyon Thanksgiving Goes To Washington D.C.

One of the participants on our Grand Canyon Thanksgiving hike was Jennifer Robinson, an 8th grade teacher at a Waldorf school in the nations capital. She sent along a picture of her class, who suddenly were studying the rock layers and geology of the Grand Canyon this week.

It's hard to know if how many of these 8th graders will one day hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon on their own (or in a college geology class) but what a treat it was for me to show Jennifer around. She had such an enthusiasm for what she was seeing last weekend. She was so intrigued by the earth history here that she just had to begin a lesson in it as soon as she could.

Know        Kaibab
The            Toroweap
Canyon's    Coconino
History       Hermit
Study          Supai
Rocks          Redwall
Made           Muav
By                Bright Angel
Time             Tapeats

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