Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Southern African Safari - Part 2

No time for many captions here - we are off to our next destination at Mana Pools National Park along the Zambezi River and there will be no internet there.

 The northwest corner of Namibia is especially desolate looking.

 But again, wildlife abounds - here two black-backed jackals hide in the shade.

 The oryx is Namibia's national animal.

I do not think I have ever been to a place that looks and feels more like Mars - even in the Atacama in South America.

 Across the way is the country of Angola.

 Euphorbia bush.

 Tracking in the sands of the Namib.

The Serra Cafema Lodge however, is located along the banks of the Kunene River, which forms the boundary between Namibia and Angola.

 Boardwalks between the various rooms.

 The river.

 Nile crocodiles abound.

 And Monitor lizards.

 This croc was at least 2.5 meters long.

 Deformed mica schist from the Pan-African Orogeny, some 650 million years ago.


 Cattle belonging to the Himba people.

 River and boat.

Group shot with guide Kallie.

 A falling sand dune.

 Lunch along the river on a natural terrace.

 Approaching a Himba village.


 Daily life.



 Another scene.

 Grandmother with grandson.


 Buying crafts.

 Mother and son.

 Mother and son.




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