Sunday, October 20, 2013

Southern Africa Safari - Part 4 - Botswana

The final leg of this great safari is in the country of Botswana where we visited the Linyanti Swamp and the Okavango Delta. The delta is an area I have wanted to visit for a long time since its settingas an inland delta is postulated as a modern analog for the Colorado Plateau's Moenave Formation (found between the Chinle and the Kayenta formations in the western Plateau - the eastern equivalent is the Wingate Sandstone).

 Ima heade out on another adventure so the captions are short. Sorry.

The Linyanti Swamp. The water originates in the Angolan Highlands, just like the water for the Kunene and Zambezi rivers.

The first stop was at King's Pool where the termite mounds here were taller and thinner.

We finally saw giraffes!

And more leopards, this one eating an impala that it just took down.

She is a beautiful specimen and is not bothered one bit by our presence.


She had one small cub with her who was also learning how to hunt.

We followed the leopard to the swamp where it had a drink of water at sunset. The placement by the guide for photos was impeccable.

The next morning, the remains of the impala were hanging in a tree. This is where the leopard brings its kill to keep it away from hyenas.

Mama coming down from the tree.

And looking for her cub.

Next was the hippo pool at the swamp. These can be mean creatures.

And this is why - they are very territorial.

Next we saw a gruesome sight - an elephant taken down during the night.

These are the two who are responsible.

We got very close to them.

Beautiful but dnagerous to anyone walking on two legs.

They were two young males.

One of them spotted some vultures on the kill and they do not like to share.

Chasing the vultures away.

The swamp is actually beautiful.

A parade of elephants crossing over to Namibia - the swamp is the international boundary.

An evening cruise on a boat.

Antelope in the swamp.

Sunset in Botswana.

The next morning we are out again looking for wildlife.

And the mother leopard has yet another impala.

On the way to the airstrip we saw the elusive wild dog.

There are thought to be only 5,000 of these left in the wild in all of Africa.

Next it was off to the Okavango Delta, seen here from the air.

A Maraboo stork.

And the great kingfisher - the largest in the world.

We saw lots of African fish eagles.

Lily pads on the water.

The delta is a wetland of unbound proportions.

Time for a helicopter ride with the doors off for better photgraphy.

Note the "hippo highways" in the water.

A large Nile crocodile.

I spotted one that had recently taken down and antelope and was ready for its meal.

The Cape buffalo.

A hippo moving under water.

A family of elephants

Closer view.

We could get really close to the Wildebeest here, unlike Tanzania where they are more skittish.

And wherever there is Wildebeest, there is Zebra.

We saw two amorous giraffes in a meadow.

This is how the courtship ensues with a next embrace.

I'd better stop here.

Our final lunch was beneath a large ebony tree. It was fantastic.

Sunset on the delta - thank you for reading and again I apologize for the very short captions.

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