Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yellowstone Article Posted On US Route 89 Web Site

One of the joys of being a geologic interpreter is that you often get a chance to explain some earthly phenomena for a general audience. It may be a public lecture, a chance to ride along on a river trip, or to write an article. I welcome these opportunities to enlighten the general public about the magic and joys of geologic thinking.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is carved in volcanic rocks erupted about 640,000 years ago
I was recently contacted by Jim and Barbara Cowlin, who have a passion for US Highway 89, also known as the Park to Park Highway since it connects seven different National Parks (as well as many more National Monuments) between the Mexican and Canadian borders. Jim is a professional photographer and this site is one you should bookmark if you love this art form or Western scenery. They both have traveled the highway from one end to the other and know it well. They offer tips on things to see, side excursions, and places to visit.

They asked me to write a short post on volcanism near Yellowstone. I was fortunate to spend much time there about ten years ago, becoming familiar with many of the geologic features there. You can read my posting on Yellowstone volcanism here.  The introductory article for the US Highway 89 web site can be read here. I have also written geologic summaries of the three geographic provinces that US Highway 89 traverses. The Basin and Range article can be read here. The Colorado Plateau article is found at this link. And the article describing the geology of the Rocky Mountain Province is here. The Cowlin's are to be commended for celebrating the beauty and heritage of this incredible western highway.

Happy traveling!

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