Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Shots of the Schultz Fire

From 39,000 feet. The red X is where Wayne and Helen's house is. Thanks to whoever sent these.

It looks like the Peaks are on fire here but it is the hlls east of them.

Same here.

Map of the burn area and the days it torched. Blue June 20, Pink June 21, Red June 23, orange June 24

Like a volcano! (Photo by Lorraine B. Elder)


  1. Another blogger I read regularly is also in the Flagstaff area, and has been posting some photos as well. If you don't know his blog, it's Pygalgia. I'm leaving a link to your blog there as well.

  2. Looks like they may be starting to get a handle on it. Sure glad you two are safe.


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