Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire in Flagstaff

Many of you have been asking about the fires erupting in Flagstaff (they have made the national news). We are fine - both fires are blowing away from us but there are many people in danger on losing homes on the east side of town. My friend sent these pictures from Wyoming (I don't know how her got them but that's just the way the web works these days. Most likely he has a friend here who uploaded them to him and he e-mailed them to me).

I wanted to take pictures with my camera but it went on the blink today and was too frazzled to understand that I needed to change the battery. Anyway, the Hardy fire (June 19) is mostly under control but Helen and I were up on Mars Hill yesterday and watched 200 foot flames consume whole Ponderosa pine trees. It was powerful. As it was blowing right towards east Flagstaff, they put a lot of resources on it and the wind died down overnight. Then, while we were away in Prescott giving a lecture, the Schultz fire erupted (June 20). It is a monster and the photo's below show that. These flames are most likely 250 feet high.

We were camping last July 1 with some high school friends where this one is burning right now. We are fine but concerned for friends who live out east of here.

From Cedar Hill looking north to Mt. Elden.

Same road different angle

Cedar Hill view

Get out of the way - this is hot and out of control.

Dry Lake Hills burning

We'll let you know more later but right now it's our anniversary!

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