Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowstorm Over But Snow Remains

On Saturday we received our mail for the first time in three days. Roads are now open, and about half of the radio stations are back on the air. Helen and I have been shoveling for 3 days straight. We love it but the love is running thin. Here are more pictures!

The official tally for this set of storms is 54.2 inches of snow since Monday, with a water equivalent of 5.27 inches of moisture. This ranks as the second largest snow storm event in our recorded history.

The sun came out today! First time in days and it brightly lit the townhomes across the street from us.

This is 816 W. Cherry Ave. getting some welcome sun

This is the 4X4 pick-up truck in my back yard and its final tally of snow cover

My next door neighbor, Sonny, did not shovel once the whole storm and had 4 feet to clear this morning in one go

No worries though, his daughter helped him!

Thorpe Park near our home

Looking east on West Cherry Avenue

Looking west on West Cherry

One of our favorite restaurants on Milton, Casa Bonita, and the 8 foot high snow banks piled around it

The entrance to the Museum of Northern Arizona was especially beautiful this morning.

Helen and I helped the staff with shoveling snow as the grounds are huge and they needed help to dig out

Helen holding a shovel on a wall that shows the four foot accumulation


  1. Hey Wayne! Came across your site while looking for pics of the Bookmans Roof Tragedy. Can't look at it in person; I'm still snowed in. Colleen

  2. Hi Wayne! Now that's what I call snow! It makes the feeble amount we've had here in the UK look a bit pathetic. You guys seem to just get on with things while we British just grumble about it! I hope the eventual thaw is gradual. Keep warm! Cheers, Alyn

  3. Hi Wayne and Helen -and here in the East we're in for flash flood warnings


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