Friday, January 22, 2010

Monster Snowstorm in Flagstaff

Everything is closed except grocery stores. No Flagstaff radio stations are operating. All roads out of town are closed except Highway 89 to the north. More snow on the way and we are almost completely disconnected now. After the asinine Supreme Court decision yesterday - this is paradise. I love it!

This is Cherry Avenue in front of my house. About 4 feet on the ground.

Snow covers my pick-up truck in the back yard.

It's not going anywhere for quite some time.

Need to go back up on the garage roof and shovel some more. The shoveling is not bad. It's good exercise and keeps you warm.

Snow drifts in the backyard.

Standing on a snow bank and looking down on an 8 foot tall shrub.

The fence is six feet tall but I could step over it today

1 comment:

Gaelyn said...

Wow Wayne, you really got dumped on. We only have a little over 2 inches. That's enough for me.