Monday, March 23, 2009

Hermit Loop Hike in the Grand Canyon

At the last second, I decided not to bring my camera on this hike. The opportunity to keep my backpack at slightly less than 30 lbs. for a five day hike was just too great of a temptation and that opportunity might not present itself again. I jumped on it and thus, there are no photo's. Who knows, maybe Frank will send me some picture's that he took and I can post them here.

It was an unusual hike in some respects - only one client with two guides. Perhaps a sign of the times but who knows. Andreas from Austria was a great trail partner and the weather was absolutely perfect. 70 or 80 degree days and 50 degree nights. Two nights in Monument Creek allowed us to explore little visited areas in and around The Abyss.

Andreas summed it all up pretty well as he and I sat on the edge of the canyon after finishing the hike. In his slightly toned German accent he casually mentioned, "What a nice little valley you have here." It was a purposely understated comment that we both chuckled at.


  1. Sorry to hear about the turnout... could you imagine how many questions I could have fired off to you if I were the ONLY client on the trip?! would have been tired of answering and ran up the BA trail! I'm sure you looked on the bright side of things and enjoyed the leisure trip! Cheers!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    How nice to visit your site and read of your adventures. How fortunate you are to be doing something that you love to do and the wonderful opportunities to bond with our beloved Mother Earth............count them blessings!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sandy Hughs


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