Friday, March 13, 2009

First Hike of the Season - The Hermit Trail

Next Monday, March 16 begins the new hiking season for me. It's a 5 day backpack with the Grand Canyon Field Institute. The first day is in the classroom learning all the basics. Then on Tuesday, we'll descend 8 miles down the trail to Hermit Creek. It will be a full day and at the end of it, everyone will believe in gravity. Wednesday will include a 4.5 mile hike over to Monument Creek where we'll lay over on Thursday for some hiking without our backpacks. Friday will be a 10-mile day hiking across the Tonto Platform to Indian Gardens, our last nights camp. And then on Sunday we'll make the 4.5 mile trip to the Grand Canyon Village.

Alas, there is no internet in the canyon ans that is why this preview is being typed now. The season begins!


  1. Sad day for me reading this Wayne!! I so wanted to be on this trip. I will be properly educated and ready next year! Please show all I missed when you get back! Cheers!

  2. Hi Wayne! Today, the 20th March, is exactly one year to the day since I arrived in Grand Canyon Village on vacation. Oh, how I long to return! Have a great trip and post plenty of photos on your return! Cheers from England, Alyn.

  3. When I was younger, I went to Philmont in New Mexico twice. It was great. Also I hiked the Siloh Military Trail in Missouri. I love it!
    You have a great blog!


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