Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wildlife and People in Tanzania and Ngorongoro Crater

Next on the trip was a stop in one of my favorite countries, Tanzania. The people are very friendly and I love learning words in the Swahili language (surprisingly easy).

This first view is of the East African Rift during a rain storm. This faulted rift is hugely responsible for the drying out of east Africa in the last few million years, a geologic event that caused a certain species of primate to adapt and change - the cradle of humanity exists here.

Zebra in Ngorongoro Crater.

A warthog.


A lion on the hunt. I always encourage my friends who have pre-teen children to come on safari in Africa. It is so amazing to see this wildlife in its native habitat. Despite fears in the US, Africa is a friendly and easy continent to visit. Seeing this splendor is a life altering experience and one that children can keep as a memory forever!

Next we visited a Maasai village and saw these colorfully dressed women in a dance.

The maasai men and known worldwide as tremendous jumpers and during the dance we saw them perform. Amazing!

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