Thursday, April 03, 2008


Colorful Uganda! What a welcome we received. This woman was part of a colorful dance troop that greeted us at the airport. Each African country has its own flavor and the people of Uganda seem very easy going and happy. Contrast that with what most of us know of the country, a certain person named Idi Amin. Strange how such tiny bits of information tend to keep us from really knowing the depth and breadth of things.

Check out this hippopotamus in its very own private pool! We traveled to the far western end of Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park to see the wildlife here. Unfortunately, we learned that these hippo's are subjected to poaching by some of the locals and there are guards of rangers that patrol these pools at night.

A close-up view. They are amazing!

At another location we saw this encounter when one male tried to get in the water with the harem of the dominant male. The dominate male would have no part of it and came out the water to chase down the interloper. A fast paced chase ensued. The hippo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and people die all the time from their encounters with them. They are extremely fast for large animals.

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