Monday, February 19, 2024

Around the World in 24 Days - A Story of Stone - Part 2 The Taj Mahal

Continuing on our trip around the globe was a one-day stop at the Taj Mahal, the ultimate monument to love and built between 1631 and 1648. We enjoyed a most pleasant visit on this relatively cold day in Agra. India is famous for its gemstone and old rock layers.

Before one gets a view of the mausoleum, they pass through other exquisite
buildings made from red sandstone and white marble 

That is the Taj Mahal frame by the entrance gate

A closer view of the same

Closer still....

Framed in flowers

It was foggy when we landed but it cleared up by 2 PM

The pool leading to the mausoleum

A bride and groom

ADDENDUM: After posting the photo above, reader Louise M. sent me this photo of her
as young girl in 1954. She wrote: "As a kid, we lived in India 1953-54. This photo (I’m next
to my Dad’s right shoulder) was taken around 5:00 in the morning. He hustled us out
of bed to get the shot before all the crowds". Thank you Louise!

Red sandstone building on the west side of the Taj

The famous Markana marble was mined in the state of Rajasthan about 200 miles away. It is part
of the Ajmer Formation of the Delhi Supergroup, about 1450 Ma.

It is a beautiful stone and marvelously inlaid

Red jasper semi-precious stones in a wall of the mausoleum

Exquisitely carved marble


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing some of the details -- and for all of the good photos. I'd love to travel a similar route some day -- and of course, an important goal for me would be to learn more about all the different types of stone! Your blogs are a nice start.


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