Monday, November 29, 2021

Don't Miss This Fans of Arizona Geology!

 This from Michael Conway at the Arizona Geological Survey.


Photo: Hunter’s Point, south of Window Rock, displaying a beautiful expression of the
East Defiance
 monocline, Laramide fold. The rocks are mostly sandstones of 
Pennsylvanian through Triassic in age.     Photograph by Stephen J.Reynolds

Arizona Geological Society presents

Roadside Geology of Arizona

Stephen J Reynolds and Julia K Johnson  

School of Earth and Space Exploration

Arizona State University


Tuesday, 7 Dec. 6:30 p.m. (MST)


Passcode: AGS-2021

              ZOOM Venue open at 6:15 p.m.


ABSTRACT. Arizona is an amazing showcase of geologic features and processes. The landscapes of the state reveal a fascinating geologic story, and most chapters of this history can be observed by traveling Arizona’snetwork of federal, state, and local highways. With some strategies for observing landscapes and a general understanding of the of and events,a traveler can piece together the main plot lines of the history. We are using this observe-first, stratigraphy-first approach to write a new version of Roadside Geology of Arizona. In this talk, we will employ a regional approach to Arizona as      we explore the geologic scenery of different parts of the state, highlighting the stratigraphy, structural styles, key geologic events, andnotable scenic landmarks.



Dr. Steven J. Reynolds was recently named ‘President’s Professor’ at ASU. He has au thored or edited more than 200 geologic  maps, articles, and reports, including the    866-page “Geologic Evolution of Arizona.            Steve is a past president of the Arizona Geological Society.


Ms. Julia K. Johnson is a geologist and geoscience-education researcher. Her geologic research focuses on the geologyof Arizona, and her education research involves the use of concept sketches in geoscience learning and teaching. She is a  co-author of one of the Arizona Geological Survey’s most popular contributed maps: “Geologic Map of thePhoenix Mountains, Central Arizona”  (~60,000 views).

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