Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Images from Curiosity on Mars

The Mars rover, Curiosity, has been roaming the Gale Crater for 8 years - it was only supposed to be operating for 2 years. This ten minute video is amazing! They have taken thousands of images and spliced them together to make it look like a video. Outstanding !

Watch here.

I understand that if folks are not in tune with desert landscapes that the video may appear bleak. However, looking at an alien planet ironically brings life to the images. Geologically, we see the similarities between our home planet and the Red Planet - sand dunes, limestone, tilted strata, sandstone, and skylines. Try not to let the barren nature of this "other world" taint your appreciation of the wonders of the solar system of which we are finally beginning to understand more deeply.

Self portrait of the Curiosity rover. I support interplanetary exploration!

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  1. Great info - thanks Wayne! Of course, rocks in general and desert landscapes in particular fascinate me, so it is great to see the photos of Mars. The Curiosity rover is amazing!


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