Sunday, November 19, 2017

2 Billion...Seconds

Sometime this month, I passed a major milestone when I experienced my 2 billionth second. (Note: I was asleep at the time and did not note it specifically). I suspect it is my interest in geology and time in general that causes me to pay attention to such seemingly mundane things.

Screen capture near the moment of my 2,000,000,000 second
A few years ago I passed my 20,000 day and I threw a party for a small group of friends. I would say that the general feeling among them was they were happy to get together but less inspired for the reason of the get-together. "Why are you celebrating this Wayne?" was kind of the general consensus. Maybe they were just thinking that I have a piece of paper sitting around and that I had been putting marks on a piece of paper for 50 years! I don't know. But the secret to knowing how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years you've been alive can be found on numerous web site., I like this one.

We can't wait for our birthdays in our youth and reluctantly accept them as we age more and more. Everyone thinks it is right and proper to celebrate years and many people I know mark the 0 and the 5 birthdays with much reflection on reaching a milestone. So why not other increments of time. 

The chart above shows some significant numbers for me. I have also just recently passed my 33,333,333 minute! Wow!! And my 555,555 hour. (Which by the way seems like a very small number). 750 months wasn't too long ago.

Go ahead - keep track of all your birthseconds, birthminutes, birthhours, birthdays, birthweeks, and birthmonths. We need more things to celebrate in our lives anyway.


  1. Often sad I'm not a geologist, but today its useful to be an engineer.
    The calculation is:
    target age [sec] * 1 min/60 sec * 1 hr/60 min * 1 day/24 hr * 1 year/365 day = target age [year]
    1.8 billion is about the age of the rocks under my home in Colorado and far under in Sedona.
    I'll hit that age [sec] this coming June 14th.
    Now I've got it in my calendar.
    I already missed 1.75 billion so I think I need to back up the to the accreted island arcs. Sadly none of us will probably see 4.567 billion seconds.

  2. Chris - I am so glad you left this particular comment as we both live atop the Yavapai terrane, about 1.75 Ga. I did note that particularar moment in my life as well! Thank you.

  3. Crazy fun at it's best.
    Now you got me working on calculating my second billionth, coming up in about a year I recon, figuring out the exact day will take a little longer.

    How's that next book coming along?

  4. The next book is ready and available and I will be posting in a few days about it! Thank you, WR

  5. I can't be believe you actually slept through that momentous occasion. Clearly, we need alarm clocks that are calibrated as such!


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