Saturday, December 24, 2016

Earthly-Musings on Vacation for Five Weeks

Earthly-Musings will be taking short break but I will be back refreshed and ready to go by February 2017. Have a great Holiday and a wonderful 2017! Here are a few photos from this years trips. Cheers!

December 27, 2015 Near Palmer Station Antarctica

Winter hike on the South Kaibab Trail

Death Valley from Dante's View, February, 2016

Cross-section of columnar basalt, Iceland September, 2017

 Misty day at Machu Picchu Ruins, Peru, February, 2016

 Classic cars in Habana Cuba, October 2016

 Honanki Ruins, Sedona Arizona, August 2016

 Saddle Canyon waterfall, Grand Canyon, September 2016

IguaƧu Falls from the Brazilian side, October 2016

Fisher Towers near Moab Utah, April, 2016 MNA Ventures trip

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