Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Join Me on the Alsek River in the Yukon Territory and Southeast Alaska on a Geology-Themed Raft Trip, August 2017

View of the Fairweather Range from the lower Alsek River  
Join me as we float the mighty Alsek River, located in the heart of North America's largest wilderness in the Yukon Territory and southeast Alaska, for 11 days in August, 2017. I will accompany this trip that begins in Haines Alaska, with an overland excursion to the put-in located in the Yukon Territory in Canada. We will float 142 river miles from the interior to the Pacific at Dry Bay. It is a spectacular journey that includes a mandatory 7-mile helicopter portage around the Tweedsmuir Glacier in Turnback Canyon.

If you are interested in this trip, please send me a note and I will forward to you more details. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from my 2015 trip.
The Faiweather Rang from the air. The Alsek River is located in the background of this photo.

The Walker Glacier seen from the Alsek

Near the Walker Glacier

U-shaped valley as seen from the Alsek River crossing into Alaska from Canada
Interesting rock types from the Alexander terrane along the Alsek River
Interesting clouds on the Alsek River

The wildlife in this part of the world is spectacular. We often see moose, eagles, wolves and bears - all from a safe distance

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  1. Can you comment on the possible formation process of the "Interesting rock types from the Alexander terrane along the Alsek River?" It reminds me of my lava lamp about 20 minutes after turning it on, when the green goo squirts up to the top. Perhaps calcite gets hot enough to squirt up into the pyroxene and cool? I think I saw lots of this rock up on Rialto Beach in Olympic NP. Perhaps the geology of Olympic NP, De Fuca subduction and accretion, is similar to that up near the Alsek river? The subduction melting could support the lava-lamp behavior model. Do you have a more informed story?


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