Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flagstaff's Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Runs Article on "Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth"

The front page, above the fold headline in the May 25 edition of the Arizona Daily Sun newspaper states, "Canyon Book Takes on Noah's Flood." Daily Sun reporter Emery Cowan writes about the controversy that inspired my newest book, "Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth." Cowan relates how huge portions of the American public believe the pseudo-science for how a biblical flood created the Grand Canyon. This in spite of the inconvenient fact that not a single shred of evidence exists for such a recent flood. You can read Cowan's article here.

In one of my favorite graphics from the new book,written with 10 co-authors, we show how so-called "flood geologists" actually contradict what is written in the Bible to come up with their nefarious claims that have hood-winked so many unsuspecting people in the American populace.

The diagram shows that during the Biblically described 'days' of creation, specific locations in the modern Middle East are described. The Garden of Eden is described as being in the vicinity of the "four rivers" (the Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon, and Gihon rivers) in modern day Kuwait. Other landscape features are described in Genesis, such as the archaeological site of Ashur. All of these features are described before "the flood" such that the Garden of Eden location predates Noah's flood. But Young Earth Creationists also maintain that all post-Precambrian rocks on Earth were deposited in the flood, which according to them means that the Garden of Eden sits atop deposits from the flood. This one fact shows that flood geologists not only contradict their own "reasoning" but also what is written in the Bible. In our book, we highlight numerous other instances where the flood geology model contradicts the Bible and doesn't hold water (pardon the pun).

People can keep their religious or spirituality views and believe in the evidence for an old Earth. Don't be duped by ministers or pastors who misrepresent science for their other, politically motivated goals.

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