Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Petrified Forest National Park Begins Its Own Field Institute

Photo courtesy of Petrified Forest Field Institute
Petrified Forest National Park is initiating its own Field Institute that will allow visitors and patrons of the park to get a more in-depth experience in this iconic landscape. Following the lead of many other nearby parks and monuments, Field Institutes have become a fantastic way for people to interact with the cultural and natural histories by utilizing the experiences of local experts.

I will be teaching a one day course on October 16 called Geology of the Painted Desert - Blue Mesa Area (it is pictured above). We'll be wandering around the Chinle Formation looking for the evidence that these colorful deposits were brought in here by ancient rivers - and we may find evidence for some of the life forms that lived along these rivers. If you are local to northern Arizona, please consider joining me on this fun day in one of the most beautiful parts of this underrated National Park. If my class does not fit your schedule, please consider joining another class on a different date.

Use the link to sign up! and see in October!

Photo by Wayne Ranney


  1. Wayne:

    Trying to clear my schedule and enroll my wife Linda into attending your class Oct 16. Curious: Am I a "member"?

    John Hogsett

  2. John - I wrote to Tara Cheney at the Petrified Forest Members Assn. and she had this to say:

    "Thanks for fielding these questions from your folks. We have a membership program, so this is for members of PFMA. Interested people can find more information at www.petrifiedforestbookstore.com
    Our stores here in the park will honor other association memberships, such as Grand Canyon Association, for a discount on purchases (15%). But, the membership price for the field institute courses only apply to PFMA members.

    A general membership is $35 and besides the store discount ( and reciprocal discounts at other association stores), members receive a subscription to the Sojourns: Colorado Plateau journal (two issues per year), the electronic newsletter produced by the Friends of Petrified Forest, and exclusive benefits like the special pricing for the FI courses.

    Tara Cheney
    Business Manager
    Petrified Forest Museum Association
    (928)524-6228 ext 239

    So, it looks like you are not a member.


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