Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hiking the Boucher and Hermit Trails in Grand Canyon

During the second week of February, I was able to complete a five-day backpack on Grand Canyon's Boucher and Hermit trails. It had been a number of years since I hiked on the Boucher Trail and it was as difficult and enjoyable as I remember.

We camped the first night beneath Yuma Pt. on the Boucher Trail.

Bryan B. near the tinajas (potholes) at Yuma Pt. These pools of water are often dry at Yuma Pt.

The Grand Canyon from Yuma Pt. The early morning light was fantastic!

Not only could we see Granite Falls on the Colorado River from Yuma Pt., we could also hear the rapid!

Drought-stricken Grand Canyon. The piƱons are the ones that seem to go first, the junipers are more hardy with their deeper root systems.

Many famous artists have used this location to paint the Grand Canyon and there are some known paint remains on the wall near here.

Midway through the Redwall descent on the Boucher Trail. There was lots of shade this time of year which we sought out most times.

Bryan B., Frank R., and Norm H. - great hiking and trail buddies!

On the way from Boucher Creek to Hermit Creek, I passed a block of Redwall Limestone encrusted with desert vegetation.

Looking towards Hermit Rapid on the Colorado River from the Tonto Trail.

Same view framed by yucca's.

Looking back to the west of Boucher Rapid on the Colorado. Note the Great Unconformity just below eye level across the river. More than 1,200 million years of the rock record is missing here.

Spectacular view of the Inner Gorge of Grand Canyon upstream from Hermit Rapid. Zoroaster Temple in the far background.

My campsite at Hermit Creek.

Making our way out to the South Rim. The Hermit Trail is 8 miles long but feels like 10 on the way out.

Bryan B. at Santa Maria Spring along the Hermit Trail.

Trace fossils of Chelichnus gigas in situ along the Hermit Trail. Note the tail drag between the set of footprints. These tracks were likely made by a mammal like reptile some 275 million years ago.

We stopped at Pima Point after the hike to look over the area just hiked. The air clarity was fantastic!

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  1. Really spectacular, Wayne
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