Monday, January 26, 2015

This past weekend, I partook in a Photography Workshop at the Grand Canyon. It was a class offered by the Grand Canyon Field Institute and taught by Sedona-based photographer Larry Lindahl. It was outstanding and I highly recommend one of these classes to anyone who has an interest in improving their photography skills. You can check out the details here for the Summer and Fall classes taught by Larry. There are lots of classes from multi-day backpacks in the canyon with experts to rim-based programs including art classes and yoga too. As a related side-note, the Museum of Northern Arizona will offer a "Drawing the Grand Canyon" class with Alan Petersen this May. Alan is the Curator of Fine Art at MNA is is superbly qualified to lead this hotel-based trip. I can highly recommend this class to those who want to improve their art at a world-class venue. Check it out here.

So here are a few pictures from the weekend. The sky was not cooperative - no clouds to speak of and fairly boring above the rim. But the winter light was a treat! I'll refrain from the geology here and just let the canyon scenery do the talking.

The Colorado River from Desert View

The Desert View Watchtower at sunset

Rock and river from Moran Point

The depths from Mohave Point

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