Monday, October 06, 2014

Footage of Iceland's Bardabunga Volcanic Eruptions

***How embarrassing - I forgot to include the actual link to Dr. Colbath's Icelandic video and then left on a one week backpack. Here is the link here.***

My colleague and fellow educator, Dr. Kent Colbath, recently traveled to Iceland with his daughter Megan where they were able to complete a scenic flyover of an erupting volcano. Kent has pieced together an excellent 6-minute video that shows his footage of the flyover.

The video also includes some excellent graphics that explain what is happening geologically in Iceland. Check it out and thank you Kent!

Bardabunga volcano erupting in early September, 2014.

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Dale Conover said...

Hi Wayne,
I tried to find the link to the video of the Bardabunga volcanic eruption by your associate Dr. Kent Colbath, but had no luck. Just the two photos. No link?
Hey, next time you are in Phoenix give me a call. For the price of lunch I'd like you to sign that book on the Grand Canyon.
Yours truly, Dale E. Conover, P.E., P.G., EPCOR Water USA Inc. (623)445-2405.