Friday, August 08, 2014

Arrival in Arusha Tanzania!

Street scene in Arusha Tanzania with a woman carrying bananas to market

Helen and I are now 10 time zones away from Arizona, so nearly halfway around the world. It took us about 27 hours total flying time to get here. I was lucky to get probably one hour of sleep on the plane so no wonder I slept-in until 11 AM today. But I got to watch three great movies on the way - The Grand Budapest Hotel, Nebraska (twice), and Time Again. The movie scene on international flights just keeps getting better and better. Helen is along with me on this trip and I am so happy she gets to see Africa!

 Main avenue in Arusha

 Vendors at the Masai market in Arusha

 Close-up of beaded baskets

 The vegetable market

 George having fun with a seller

 The neighborhood sawmill

 Roasting corn for sale on the street

 The pot store

Getting a safari briefing with beers in the lobby of our hotel

Our hotel room - number 17

We will not likely be able to post while on our four day camping safari but we will post pictures and stories after we return next Tuesday. In Swahili they say, kwahiri, goodbye for now!


  1. So glad Helen is with you. Love the hotel/rondaval.

  2. This message if for George. Ron sent me the blog and I was so surprised to see George and his very very long hair:):). Tell him that Gloria from Bouse is watching this. Good luck climbing and stay safe.


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